What Separates Champions from ‘Almost Champions’

https://www.thecut.com/2016/09/what-separates-champions-from-almost-champions.html Interesting article on what makes some people “champions” and others “almost-champions.” Essentially the difference is that “champions” generally had these attributes: They chose the thing they were most interested in, out of several options—it wasn’t ‘forced’ upon them They found as much meaning in the “practicing and training” part, as in the “competing and … Read more What Separates Champions from ‘Almost Champions’

“You’ll Still See Ads”

I don’t know why but this sort of thing REALLY BUGS THE SHIET OUTTA ME. Whenever you go into the settings of pretty much anything—Facebook, IG, Apple devices, Google, basically anything that’s showing you ads, there’s a thing where you can “Opt out of relevant marketing” which is so obviously their attempt to try to … Read more “You’ll Still See Ads”

“What Matters is Whether You Matter to Others”

Thought this was interesting:https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/living-single/200903/what-matters-is-whether-you-matter-others Basically, there was a study done with 1500 Canadians to see whether a person feeling like they “mattered” correlated with having support from various groups of ppl (Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Spouse), and if so then how important was the support from each group to that feeling. There was also apparently a … Read more “What Matters is Whether You Matter to Others”

Feels like yesterday …

The years do go by pretty quickly … I’ve got these yearly calendar reminders to commemorate when I first met certain people, or did so-and-so with someone, etc—and it’s always the same pattern: at about 4-5 years it’s sorta cool, that we’ve gotten to that mark. Then the years start adding on without that much … Read more Feels like yesterday …

“The Key to Reducing Suicide Rates”

Article in the LA Times: Op-Ed: The key to reducing suicide rates? It’s definitely not lowering taxes Some takeaways: States with higher taxation were also noted to have lower suicide rates than states with lower taxation This turned out to be related to the finding that states with higher taxation also had lower rates of gun … Read more “The Key to Reducing Suicide Rates”

No One Is Black, and No One Is White—So Why Do We Call Them That?!

Maybe this is one of those indelicate subjects that needs to be tiptoed around, but … why the F do we call black people, “black people”?? They’re not fucking black … I mean it can’t just be me that thinks this right? that if society calls them that—and I get that they call themselves that … Read more No One Is Black, and No One Is White—So Why Do We Call Them That?!

Believe In Yourself! [But Not Too Much]

I think part of the problem in America [and in Western cultures in general] is this idea of “The Maverick”—we romanticize those who follow some “inner voice” and shrug off all the dissenters and naysayers and those who say they’re wrong, and that it can’t be done … “Mavericks” don’t care what anyone thinks; they … Read more Believe In Yourself! [But Not Too Much]