Monday, January 21, 2019

When you cross the street, do you walk faster (or even do that mini-jog thing) if there are cars waiting for you to cross? If you’re physically able to, of course.

I think the answer says a lot about a person and how they see the world and others in it … the worst is when otherwise healthy-appearing people are just sorta sauntering along slowly while crossing the street, either completely oblivious to the line of cars waiting to turn, or well aware of it and just taking their time regardless.

Yes, it’s your right to walk at whatever pace you want … and I’ll admit I have no idea what’s going on in their lives – maybe they’re suffering from whatever ailment they have and trying to manage as best as they can (although if that’s the case it’s usually pretty obvious).

But I’d wager that these same people who are in their own worlds sorta just trudging across the street are the same ones who lose their shit when they’re waiting to turn and other people are taking THEIR time getting across the street.

We all sorta have to live together in this place you know? Why not be aware of each other out there, acknowledge each other, make room in our little worlds for each other???

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