“Inside the Mind of a Thief” Video

Super long vid (like 45 min!) … but some useful info. He talked about a lotta things but several seemed particularly important cause he emphasized them multiple times—for example here are some things he said almost always deterred him from trying to burglarize a house:

  • Presence of neighborhood watch / strong sense of community … people visibly being on the lookout for their neighbors
  • WIRELESS alarm system, and/or a sign saying you have one, whether you actually have one or not—the wired ones are pretty easy to circumvent but wireless/cellular almost impossible (in the amount of time needed)
  • Vidcam that’s visible from outside door, that’s obviously recording whoever’s there
  • To a somewhat lesser degree, but also timers for lights and stuff, BUT avoid doing this for rooms visible from front/back windows or doors—obvious no one’s in those rooms

He emphasized repeatedly that if he saw any of the first three things above, he would pretty much leave immediately


  • average time in a house: 5-7 min, enough to go straight to master bedroom where jewelry’s usually just laying out or easily located in closet. Safes usually in master closet too.
  • Cliche but still true: he would case neighborhoods by jogging through and noticing if mail wasn’t picked up, trash bins left out by curb for days, newspapers etc.

Bunch of other things too, worth a watch!

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