We live in a broken country

Kind of a fascinating and also appalling moment in American History when the U.S. President can directly and publicly insult four female members of Congress by mocking their dignity in an obviously taunting, racist, and contemptuous manner, AND have *187* other douchebags in Congress go on record supporting that behavior …

He does this shit every day with impunity—I mean, so they ‘voted to condemn’ that one specific abomination … there’s dozens of other examples of just-as-insane-as-shit garbage he spews on the daily and not only does it not turn him into a complete fucking pariah, it actually increases his popularity with the stupid AF rednecks and gun lunatics and white supremacists that the GOP needs to keep as their voting base, so that they can keep extracting every cent they can from these ignorant motherfuckers and from every other constituency in the country and funnel that straight to the wealthiest corporations and the most affluent 0.1%

This sort of mean-spirited hypocrisy and exploitation—and really, all this bitter & virulent partisan hostiilty—filters straight down from the top into every inch of this whole land and thoroughly debases it … the country looks to be irreparably broken and it’s incredibly sad

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