“What Matters is Whether You Matter to Others”

Thought this was interesting:

Basically, there was a study done with 1500 Canadians to see whether a person feeling like they “mattered” correlated with having support from various groups of ppl (Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Spouse), and if so then how important was the support from each group to that feeling. There was also apparently a part of the study where the feeling of mattering was correlated to whether a person was depressed or not. 

Some takeaways that I got based on the article (since I haven’t actually reviewed the study itself!):

  • Not suprisingly, having support from those groups did correlate with the feeling of mattering, across the board
  • Men’s feeling of mattering relied quite a bit more on support from other people than for women
  • For both men and women, having support from FRIENDS appeared to be a lot more important to “mattering” than having support from one’s SPOUSE! And again, this was much more pronounced for men.
  • In fact, for women, having support from one’s spouse, family, or co-workers seemed equally important, with friends’ support much more important than all of those.
  • As for whether the feeling of mattering could be related to a lower likelihood of depression, it looked like this was directly true for women, BUT, for men you also had to include not just whether they thought they mattered, but also “their feelings of mastery,” i.e. whether their actions were consequential/made a difference.

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