What Separates Champions from ‘Almost Champions’

https://www.thecut.com/2016/09/what-separates-champions-from-almost-champions.html Interesting article on what makes some people “champions” and others “almost-champions.” Essentially the difference is that “champions” generally had these attributes: They chose the thing they were most interested in, out of several options—it wasn’t ‘forced’ upon them They found as much meaning in the “practicing and training” part, as in the “competing and … Read moreWhat Separates Champions from ‘Almost Champions’

“What Matters is Whether You Matter to Others”

Thought this was interesting:https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/living-single/200903/what-matters-is-whether-you-matter-others Basically, there was a study done with 1500 Canadians to see whether a person feeling like they “mattered” correlated with having support from various groups of ppl (Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Spouse), and if so then how important was the support from each group to that feeling. There was also apparently a … Read more“What Matters is Whether You Matter to Others”

“The Key to Reducing Suicide Rates”

Article in the LA Times: Op-Ed: The key to reducing suicide rates? It’s definitely not lowering taxes Some takeaways: States with higher taxation were also noted to have lower suicide rates than states with lower taxation This turned out to be related to the finding that states with higher taxation also had lower rates of gun … Read more“The Key to Reducing Suicide Rates”

“Inside the Mind of a Thief” Video

Super long vid (like 45 min!) … but some useful info. He talked about a lotta things but several seemed particularly important cause he emphasized them multiple times—for example here are some things he said almost always deterred him from trying to burglarize a house: Presence of neighborhood watch / strong sense of community … … Read more“Inside the Mind of a Thief” Video

What does this say about meeeeeee

Here’s an article suggesting that cats ultimately start behaving like their owners, although I guess it’s possible some people choose their pets (if there was a choice) after sensing some perceived shared traits to begin with … either way, my cat is pretty needy and occasionally whiny, and if he’s pushed away for whatever reason, … Read moreWhat does this say about meeeeeee

Article: The Psychology of Money

http://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/the-psychology-of-money/ This is a fascinating article which isn’t so much about the psychology of money per se, as it is about about the psychology of *investing* and how you can better apply that in your own efforts at such. The premise is that a person who – on the basis of education, degrees, awards, etc … Read moreArticle: The Psychology of Money